Arizona Pool Care Tips

In the state of Arizona many people have a pool at their residence in order to keep cool from the sun. The pool can be used to help them cool down from the heat. It is important to take care of a pool to keep it in the best condition possible. There are some pool care tips for people living in Arizona.

Keep Animals Away

Some people may be tempted to bring their pets in the pool with them. This is a mistake. Dander from pets can be food for algae. People work hard to keep algae out of their pool and pets in the water can lead food for the algae.

Caulk the Cracks

The sun can damage the caulking of the pool. It can cause the caulk to dry out and begin to crumble. It is important to caulk any crackers that are around the pool right away. The old caulk should be gently scraped away and the new caulk should be applied using silicon beads. Do not allow the water to get into the caulk while it is drying.

Keep Chemicals Properly Stored

Be sure to keep the chemicals that are used to clean the pool out of the direct sunlight and the extreme Arizona heat. They should be stored in a place that is both cool and dry. If a person has a garage that has air conditioning this is a great place to keep the cleaning chemicals. Never store acid and chlorine next to each other. This can cause an explosion.


Monitor Water Levels

Evaporation can cause the water levels in the pool to decrease. Since it does not rain often in Arizona it may be difficult to keep the water level where it should be. A person should check the water levels often. It the water gets too low the filter will not work properly. A person may have to replenish the water levels with their hose every so often.

Check the pH levels

The pH levels of the pool should be checked around three times a week during the warmest part of the season. This will ensure the pool has enough chlorine to kill germs and bacteria and keep the swimmers safe.

These are just some of the tips to pool care in Arizona. Following these tips will keep the pool in proper working condition and allow a person some relief from the heat. In future chapters we shall discuss the important of hiring certified roofing companies Phoenix to handle your roofing repairs and/or replacement.